Where am I at?

Since Newsletter #1, I have been very busy. I mentioned in Newsletter #1 that I was working on a rewrite of The Kira Chronicles trilogy (making it a 6 book series), and a rewrite of a stand alone novel originally called Avatar that I was thinking of calling The Messenger. Well, since that February newsletter (where has the time gone?), lots of things have happened.

If you check out K S Nikakis on Amazon, you will see three new books have been added to the five book Angel Caste series and my stand alones: The Emerald Serpent, The Third Moon, and Heart Hunter.

The Messenger is out, but simply called Messenger, and the first two books in the revamped, and in some ways, re-imagined The Kira Chronicles series are out too. I was debating whether to change all the titles for the series or add to the three original titles from the trilogy: The Whisper of Leaves, The Song of the Silvercades, and the Cry of the Marwing.

I have a 'thing' about coherence in book titles in trilogies/series, and in taglines. You might notice that in the nine books where I've used taglines, all have six words (something about my personality is probably emerging at this point!) 

The Whisper of Leaves and The Cry of the Marwing fitted well together, but Book #2 only fitted syllable-wise if it became The Silvercades' Song, then it no longer matched rhythm-wise. I was also splitting three books into six and adding new material and wanted the titles to be a good fit for each book's story. So ... The books already out in The Kira Chronicles series are: The Whisper of Leaves and The Silence of Stone.

Now the Big Reveal: da da da! The rest of the series in order are: The Secrets of Stars, The Thunder of Hoofs, The Crying of Birds and The Music of Home. Part of the coherence of a book trilogy or series, is of course, the cover art, including images, colours and typography. I am lucky enough to have a horticulturist son who started life in the multi-media industry, and who's worked with me on all my book covers.

I start with a sense of what I want, but continue to be blown away by what he creates. Seeing a visual interpretation of my word-worlds never gets dull! I did buy the rights to use the original cover art of The Kira Chronicles trilogy but matching the style with another artist for the extra three books was never feasible, and my budget doesn't stretch to the original artist. So began the long search through Shutterstock, a site I trust to have treated its artists ethically (and in accordance with copyright law).

It is easy to find a good image here and there, but I needed six, coherent with each other, and that fitted the story of each book, and that fitted the fantasy genre. I think I've found them, and two of course, are already out there on Amazon. Check out the rest on this newsletter.