Angel Bound


The Story

Viv’s fight for survival leaves her terribly scarred and she ends up in Tahsin’s sett, a home to other misfits. When Sehereden seeks her out, it gives her a chance to fulfil her promise to Poss, to never leave her without proper farewell. But the Waradi leader hunts her and the journey to Esh-accom proves hazardous. 

Haunted by images of witch-burnings, Viv daren’t reveal what she really is and the Eshadi leader’s hatred and suspicion of her grows.

Esh-accom’s elddra are suspicious too. All elddra are known to each other, but Viv is known to no one.

Viv loves being with Poss, but is torn between staying with her, the search for her mother, her desire for Thris, and her longing for a home. Thris’s pursuit of Viv brings him to the same fold, but his search ends so catastrophically that he longs for death. 

Ky uses his new-found skills in the Bokos, combing through hundreds of scrolls in a desperate attempt to save Ash from the first blue angel’s fate.

But Ash believes he is already doomed. Despite the full white of transcendence in his wings, he remains a Dane.



The Idea

Angel Bound raises more questions about how folds are connected in the Rynth. The Angellus appeared in The Wheel and then departed, to leave behind the Daimon and Du-Daimon, some of whom  are keen to follow their Angellus forbears out. The arrival of Viv suggest the 'door' the Angellus used is still open but Viv knows the terrible consequences of rift travel. Apart from the dangers of transference, she has no idea where rifts lead.

The Angellus's creation of hybrids, like Viv, also raises questions about how angelic and human elements are expressed in such individuals, something Viv continues to struggle with. Her other struggle is to balance her conflicting needs. She dreads leaving Poss, who offers her unconditional love, but yearns for her mother; what she briefly experienced with Thris; and for a home.  The horror of Thris's captivity  makes her determined that he never risks himself for her again, and destroys lingering hopes of a romantic relationship with him.  

Ky's decision to become a seeker of knowledge, rather than Thris's Shadow, necessitates him confronting his mentor and the Principae. The strength required to do this should advance his quest for ascendence. 

The Secondary World

Angel Bound takes place in Ezam and The Wheel. The Green Helixai, which was formerly composed of glassy green stone, transforms into a mountain of lush growth and rotting timber, and its interior changes from a subterranean world of caves and tree-roots, to a throbbing, blood-filled womb. After Ash is expelled from the mountain's heart (reborn), the mountain returns to glassy green stone.

The Music  

London Grammar - Strong

There are a number of tracks on London Grammar's If you wait CD which are a great emotional match for the Angel Caste series. 

Deep Fantasy

Viv's quest for her mother, is a quest for love and belonging, and mirrors the elddra/elddric's quest to reunite with the Angellus, and Ezam's angels' quest to ascend/transcend back to the Great Beyond. Hero quests aren't really about the end point, of taking possession of the desired object. It is the actual quest, the journey with all its trials, suffering, and costs, that change the hero. Change is the objective and, not any sort of change, but a change to a 'better' state.  In Viv's search for her mother, she comes across Poss, who she refuses to abandon. Poss grants her unconditional love, something Viv craves, and the possibility of a home. To achieve the latter, Viv must forgive herself, learn to trust, and become open to romantic love. This is really her quest. She knows sex and love aren't the same thing; that 'love' can be abusive; and that the angelic love possible with Thris cannot fulfil her human needs.

Kald and Dejon remain poised on the edge of transcendence, rather than transcendent, because they haven't changed sufficiently to enter their desired new states. Both are driven by competitiveness, and abuse the trust of more junior angels who they're required to guide and nurture.

The hero journeys of Thris, Ky, and Ash are more explicit, but also more complex, because they are three parts of a whole. Thris's attack on Viv, and compensatory act of defending her against the beastman, destroys his old state, but they are insufficient for him to reach his desired new state. More is required. Likewise, Ky's previous state is destroyed by fear, and he finds a new direction, but it is only when he deliberately breaks with Dejon, and confronts the Principae, do white feathers appear in his wings. (In contrast, Kald breaks with Thris, not vice-versa). Thris's quest remains external to Ezam, but Ky's quset returns to Ezam. Ash's quest has always been the most closely linked to the unconscious.

The Helixai work like enormous steles, the crystal shards in Ezam that, with crystal resonance, test angels. Ash's music (resonance) connects him to the universal resonance, focussed in the Helixai via the mountain's hollow cores. His quest requires him to endure all four Helixai. They test different things which together, bring him to the edge of transcendence. However, as part of a trinity, Ash's final transcendence is intimately connected with Thris and Ash's. 


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