Tamati or Jax? Check out the YouTube links to see if you can guess which singer helped inspire Tamati, and which one Jax. – You are the only one - Sergey Lazarev – Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw 

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

Far below Anahera’s cliff-side perch, the alpha strutted backwards and forwards, head low and then thrown back in challenge, its blue throat-feathers as brilliant as the lightning that danced across Moana’s waves in summer storms. The lesser birds followed the alpha’s lead, but she was barely aware of them. It no longer mattered whether the alpha was the shifted form of Tamati or Malo, or a shia in birth-form. Its beauty shone as brightly as Whetu, reducing the lesser birds to shadows as Tihi’s soaring majesty reduced Iolana’s smaller peaks to hills.

The shias’ music built to a crescendo, the drum-beats of calls like the great storm-waves Moana sent pounding into Iolana’s cliffs. Anahera’s blood pounded too as the alpha held its wing displays longer and longer, extended to their uttermost breadth and flashing with crimson and emerald green.

And then a throbbing staccato erupted overhead. It jarred Anahera from the dance’s all-consuming trance and for a moment she had no idea where she was. Her head swam and she lost her grip on the stone. Adrenaline speared through her, hot as fire, as she clutched at the cliff-face, and missed. And then she was falling, a scream of terror torn from her throat as she plunged into oblivion.